Unit I: Scope and Applications of Microbial Biotechnology No. of Hours: 10

Scope and applications of microbial biotechnology in human therapeutics, agriculture, environment and food technology; Genetically engineered microbes for industrial application: Bacteria and yeast.

Unit II: Therapeutic and Industrial Biotechnology No. of Hours: 12

Recombinant microbial production processes in pharmaceutical industries: Streptokinase and recombinant vaccines (Hepatitis B vaccine), Microbial polysaccharides and polyesters, Microbial production of bio-pesticides and bioplastics; Microbial biosensors.

Unit III: Applications of Microbes in Biotransformations No. of Hours: 13

Microbial based transformation of steroids and sterols; Bio-catalytic processes and their industrial applications: Production of high fructose syrup and production of cocoa butter substitute.

Unit IV: Microbes for Bio-energy and Environment No. of Hours: 15

Bio-ethanol and bio-diesel production: Commercial production from lignocellulosic waste and algal biomass; Biogas production: Methane and hydrogen production using microbial culture; Microorganisms in bioremediation: Degradation of xenobiotics, Removal of heavy metals.

Unit V: Applications of Antisense RNA and RNAi No. of Hours: 10

Antisense RNA: Mechanism of action, Applications in therapeutics and agriculture; RNAi: Mechanism of action, Applications in therapeutics and agriculture.